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Have a dedicated workspace

Decide where you are going to study. Opt for a workspace that you could devote to revising, which has sufficient room for you to design your notes and books. Ensure the area is comfortable, how many hours you are going to shell out there, and that it’s void of distractions. You desire a quiet relaxing area conducive to being concentrated.


Eliminate distractions

Removing distractions allow you to focus. Your mobile and social websites can wreak havoc, so try leaving your cell phone in a different room and just using it when in your own break. Log from some streaming services or social networking platforms on your laptop also, which means you don’t hesitate to use them while you examine or study.


Recreate assessment conditions

You’re more likely to recall information in the place that you first learned it. This is called context-dependent learning. When creating your study area, do your very best to replicate the environment in which you are going to be analyzed. Your ability to recall what you’ve learnt will significantly improve come evaluation time.


Bring water

Always have a bottle or glass of water with you. You ought to be always hydrating yourself during your learning sessions to focus.


Find natural light

Nobody would like to be working in a darkened room. Natural lighting may also lessen the strain caused in your eyes with a computer’s blue lighting.


Just use the area for Study

The longer you do an action in a certain location, the more powerful the relationships your brain will create between that location and what you are doing there. Through the years your brain will get used to revising if you sit down to study.


Be organized

That you need to invest as little of your study time looking for the ideal pencil or sheet of newspaper as studying. Have all of your stationery and study tools carefully arranged within your study area. Knowing where things are will free your psychological resources to concentrate on revising.


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