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Being found in search results isn’t always straightforward and does require a multi-faceted approach.

Search marketing involves many different areas including:

  • Paid Search results – PPC
  • Organic listings – SEO
  • Rich Snippets and instant answers – Structured Data SEO
  • Shopping listings – PPC Merchant Feeds
  • Image and Video Searches – Image and Video SEO

Paid search makes use of platforms such as Google Adwords, Bing, and other search engines to place your website advertisement in a highly visible position.

Paid Search marketing gives you:

  • Fast results, bring in traffic, leads, and sales quickly.
  • Require a budget to run an ad so always analyze your costs.
  • Ability to better control your position for set searches.
  • Access to display ad that shows in google partner’s website
  • Access to retargeting opportunities

The more competitive keywords you use to rank your website, the more you should expect to pay.

Here I’m Explaining to you about search and display ads-

Search Ads-

Search Ads are those when someone searches for any keywords /products/services, your ads display in the SERP before or after the organic search results. If someone clicks on these ads, an advertiser pays for each click. It is a type of PPC Advertising and also a form of “pull” advertising.

Display Ads-

Display ads are paid placements that appear based on various targeting parameters. It not only appears in one location but it shows in different google partner locations or called GDN(Google Display Network). It shows in different and relevant informational websites, social media, and much more.


Search Advertising Pros-

  • Your company has a small advertising budget. Search advertisements allow more control over that which you reach, so you won’t waste money on individuals that aren’t interested.
  • You appeal to a nearby market. A website with a global audience will not be of much significance to a prospective client looking for a nearby supplier.
  • The product or service has a short sales cycle. So, You do not have to keep on advertisements to individuals who have visited your website, so remarketing is not an essential feature.
  • Search ads permit you to reach those that are actively looking for service suppliers.


Display Advertising Pros-

  • Offer products and services with lengthy sales cycles. Ads for automobiles, business applications, and other large purchases are meant to create prospects, not make instant earnings.
  • These folks may spend additional time on some select websites than on search engines.
  • Want to use photographs and videos to advertise offers. Search ads can only include text. So you can continue with display ads.
  • Display ads somewhat more focused on building brand recognition. Search advertisements are often designed to create instantaneous conversions.


Ready to learn online advertising strategy?

If you’d like to Learn search, display, or any other kind of online advertising, the NADM-National Academy Of Digital Advertising can help. Contact us today to speak with a team about which course option is right for you!

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