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Learn techniques and actions to advertise your products and services on Google and your content network.

Is your business easily found in Google’s search results? Learn how to increase the findability of your pages.

There is no point in paying for ads if you don’t have landing pages well done. Learn keyword strategies, how to create ad groups, how to set up, adjust and measure results for your campaigns.

Know the most frequent mistakes that make campaigns more expensive or not even appear in the results. Don’t throw money away with ads that don’t deliver results. Learn how to increase performance and attract thousands of customers through Google.

By using the strategies you will learn in the Google Adwords course, your site will appear more easily to thousands of consumers on Google and its partner sites. You will learn how to create keyword strategies and concepts to publicize your business with surprising results.


Course objectives: 

  • Demonstrate how to design
  • keyword strategies for Google AdWords
  • Teach techniques to improve ad placement and reduce cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Increase campaign reach through ads on the content network and mobile devices
  • Show secrets market that not even Google teaches
  • Improve click rates and Quality Score to make your site more “findable”
  • Prepare the student for the official Google Adwords certification test

The target audience of the course:

The Google AdWords course is designed for students and professionals who want to get better results with sponsored link techniques, increasing the performance and quality of clicks on ads on Google AdWords.

Job After This Course:

Pay Per Click Analyst/Google Ads Manager:

The salary range of a Pay Per Click Analyst/Google Ads Manager is between 2,00,000 to 10,00,000. It is for 1-2+ years of experienced candidate salary and also depends upon company to company. Pay Per Click Analyst creates and executes Google ads campaign like search ads, display ads, youtube ads, shopping ads,  Bing & other Ad Networks with relevant & engaging an image, content that attracts their targeting audiences. 

If anyone searching for a google ads certification course then your search is over. NADM-NAtional Academy Of Digital Marketing is the best digital marketing training institute Lucknow offering google ads courses as well as other digital courses like SEO, Youtube Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media & much more.

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