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Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing the web pages or website in an organic manner to rank in the first page of search engines.

In SEO there are 3 users, that is you, a searcher & a search engine.

Before talking about how to become an SEO Expert, you have to know that there is a difference between SEO Expert & SEO Professional.

SEO Experts are those who know how to apply SEO Step by Step to improve the ranking of the website in the search results.

SEO Professionals are those who provide SEO Services & taking clients on a project-by-project basis.


How to Become an SEO Expert?

If anyone wants to become an SEO Expert then they should know the Step-by-Step procedure like understanding the Search Engine Algorithm, how it Works.

In a nutshell, search engines have three main processes:

  • Crawling – When search engine discover your web pages or websites
  • Indexing – It is the process where search engines add & organize your content in their database.
  • Ranking – how they decide which websites to show in the results (and in what order), for a given search query

Important Points to understand to Become SEO Expert:-

  • Understand how search engines work
  • Understand the true meaning of SEO
  • Stay informed about SEO changes
  • Choose the Right SEO Tools
  • Practice SEO – Don’t stay theoretical
  • Be Patient

National Academy of Digital Marketing is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow provides all types of digital training in their courses like Digital Explorer Program, Digital Booster Program, Digital Achievers Program, Digital Wizard Program where anyone can learn search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, YouTube marketing, google ads, affiliate marketing & much more. NADM aims to provide the best training to students who are willing to pursue their careers in digital marketing, and provide best digital marketing training in Lucknow. Anyone can enroll in these courses, either they are students, entrepreneurs, business owners and housewives. Digital Marketing is the best career for everyone. 

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