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  • About Social Media Manager

A social media manager develops a company’s social media strategy and
manages their social channels. This often includes Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube and Pinterest. In addition to being the voice of a
brand, social media managers analyze the results of their campaigns by
tracking engagement metrics such as likes, clicks and shares.


digital marketing training in lucknow


  • Skills required to become Social Media Manager
  1. They Must Have Solid Communication Skills.
  2. They Must Be Social and should think out of the box.
  3. They Must Have Personality & Creativity.
  4. They Must Be Up on Digital Data.
  5. They must be Creative and should have Logical thinking.
  6. They Must Write & Edit Well.
  7. They Must Have Visual as well as Content Writing skills.
  8. They Must Be Flexible & Adaptable.
  9. They Must Be Great Marketers.
  10. They Must Have Excellent Customer Service Skills.
  • Pros of becoming a Social Media Manager

1. It’s social media.
The variety of platforms and the variety of possibilities of these platforms
makes it highly addictive. Social media makes things a lot more direct, a lot
more fun and a lot more interesting.

2. You get to talk to awesome people every single day
You can generate conversations and create real friendships through these
channels. The people in your community are there because they believe in

3. It’s fast interaction
If you want a question answered ASAP, you can get it answered and vice
versa. Social media provides the perfect platform to listen and respond. It’s
live and it’s constant.

4. Opportunities are endless
The amount of different content you can post to social media is endless.
Example-Quotes, images, infographics, jokes, articles, facts, videos etc.

5. You can get ahead of the competition
If you can think of innovative ways to use social media, and know how to
use each platform to its own advantage, you’ll definitely succeed in a
career of social media.

6. You can learn a lot
Companies are trying out different strategies every day. Some of them
work and some of them don’t. But the ones that work you can definitely
learn from it.


  •  Cons of becoming a Social Media Manager

1. It’s time consuming
When it comes to social media, it’s important to spend time doing tasks that
are going to benefit you and your company. But you’ve also got to be
willing to spend as much time as possible researching new trends, learning
them and putting them into practice.

2. You deal with complaints
Social media is becoming the new way of dealing with customer
service. Instead of phoning up or sending an email, people now take to
Twitter and Facebook to share their opinions, so you have to take actions
on their complaints.

3. Social media never stops
No matter what time of the day it is, you’ve got to be active. The online
community never sleeps, so you should be active 24×7.

4. You represent your company
Representing your company on social media means you are the first
impression they get of your company. Act negatively and it reflects your
company and your community in a bad way.

5. Negativity
We’re all aware of how negative things can get on social media. It’s up to
you how you deal with it. This is where your characteristics need to be
strong and positive.

6. Its not easy
A lot of people want a job in social media because they think they’re going
to spend all of their time browsing through Twitter, pinning things on

Pinterest and uploading images to Instagram. Idea creation, promotion,
analysis and evaluation are just some of the other tasks you’ll have to do
as a social media manager.


  • Types of Job Roles Social Media Manager

1) Social Media Manager

They are responsible for representing their company’s brand on social as
well as developing social media campaigns.

2) Social Media Strategist

They may be responsible for promoting events, contests, or new products
on their organization’s social channels. They also look at the performance
of their content in order to measure and report social ROI to the higher-ups
in marketing.

3) Social Media Specialist

They are mostly concerned with implementation. They write social copy,
draft replies to messages and comments, and stay on top of key trends in
social media. They’ll network with key influencers in their industry to spread
their brand message and make valuable connections.

  • Best social media marketing course

Social Media Marketing course is offered by NADM-National Academy of
Digital Marketing an initiative by Digital Juggler.
The course covers social media strategy basics first and then branches out
into how to keep a social media following engaged. The final few lessons
explore content creation and how to appeal to a social media audience from
a business standpoint. For Social Media marketing there are a different
set of courses for Google analytics there are different courses. They will
provide digital marketing certification also. Their many other institutes
also but they don’t give real-time field experience. They only provide
fundamental trainings. But NADM is India’s first agency based institute
where you will get advanced learning experience.
Start your own business with a group of other small business by learning
digital marketing.

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