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Once you are online you need to create your brand presence. The first task is to get high rank in google search results. Improve Website Ranking on Google, this is only possible when your brand’s content is SEO friendly. What is SEO- Friendly content? SEO-friendly content is recognized when they appear on the first page of your search result page. If your website shows up on the main page, you’ll get more clicks, shares, likes, views to your content. That is why it is always recommended to have SEO friendly content.
However, creating SEO friendly content often requires creativity to get more clicks. But in the end, you can good traffic on your website – if you do it right.

Steps to create SEO friendly content –  Improve Website Ranking on Google

Choose the right keywords will help you to get high ranking in search results and satisfy your target audience. You can take help SEO tools to search for keywords for your content. The tools of which you can take help are SE ranking keyword Suggestion tool, Answering the People, or Google Key Word planner to find the best keywords.

Making a structured content is must it becomes readable and easy for a reader to understand your content. Here are a few tips which you can follow:
Divide your content into three parts- the introduction of your topic, the main body of content where you will discuss in-depth about your topic, then the last part summary where you will conclude your points.
Work on these three parts of your content separately to make it more crisp data for your audience.

Improve Website Ranking on Google
Improve Website Ranking on Google

Select the title of your content in such a way that it increases your chances of ranking higher and it is optimized for SEO. The title of a blog post should contain only one h1 tag on the page and it should include a target keyword. The main sections should contain an h2 tag, and subsections should be h3. Compiling your content with subtitles will improve its readability.

Include URLs in your content. URLs are a significant ranking factor. They provide a better experience for the users and it becomes easy to share.

Create a Meta description for your website link. The meta description explains about your article and it includes your target keywords. A meta description is a summary of your content that Google uses to show beneath your title in the search results. This encourages the searcher to click on your website.

How can you learn SEO skills for your website?

There are many other small and important points that you need to bring under practice. These cannot be learnt all together at once just by reading. If you also want to learn about these skills you can join Digital marketing online/offline training programs in Digital marketing agencies. Where you can get in touch with their mentors for personal guidance. Working with Agency based institutes will give you real insights into the market. You will get the advantage of learning skills which are used by brands to maintain their online presence. Among them, I came across to best digital marketing training in Lucknow. They provide online training also. NADM-National Academy of Digital Marketing an initiative by Digital Jugglers. Here training is provided by Digital marketing experts. They provide different blends of courses which will be helpful in that particular domain. For Social Media marketing there are a different set of courses for Google analytics there are different courses. They will provide digital marketing certification also. Their many other institutes also but they don’t give real-time field experience. They only provide fundamental training. But NADM is India’s first agency based institute where you will get advanced learning experience.

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