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Digital Explorer Program (2 Months)

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Digital Explorer Program (2 Months)​

India’s Best Agency Based Institute Get The Best Digital Marketing Education You Need To Succeed

Program Overview​

Practical Learning & Training

Master Classes

Experienced &Certified Faculty

Dedicated Placement Team

About Program

Entrust Yourself with NADM Digital Explorer Program and become a digital marketing expert- NADM is the Best Digital Marketing Institute in Lucknow. Learn every aspect from social media optimization, basics of website creation and working, to blogging and more, just like the specialist do.


Take your Career to a next level and addition to your skills by mastering with this advance and popular digital explorer marketing program with the best and Highest Rated Digital Marketing Training Academy in Lucknow – NADM

  • NADM digital explorer program offers practical learning, live training sessions which helps learners to learn every concept in an efficient way.
  • Experience learning and managing Live Tools used by industry professionals which in turn helps you as an added advantage over others.
  • Get 4 certifications from Google, YouTube Certified, HubSpot, & NADM
  • Get Paid internship Opportunities
    Get tools & software worth Rs.50000 absolutely FREE.

Training Objective

NADM Digital Explorer Program starts with two main objectives:

  • To make you an expert in marketing any kind of business, product or service by providing with full detailed knowledge with practical and live experience.
  • To help You make money through part time and full time careers in digital marketing jobs

Table of Contents

Who Can Learn And Enroll

Students /Aspirants

Enhance your Digital Marketing Skills.

Working Professionals

Lift You Up in the company’s ladder


Learn, Implement the stuff on your own

Job Seekers /Freelancer

Right Time to hone your skills

Course Curriculum

In this course, you will get the practical exposure of Digital Marketing. You would be creating a website and promoting it practically in the training program itself using Digital Marketing measure like- Search Engine, Social media optimization, google adwords- search ads, display ads etc.

Digital Marketing Introduction

Module 1: – Overview of Digital Marketing.

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.
  2. Aspects of Digital Marketing.
  3. Digital Marketing Policies & Principles.
  4. Digital Marketing Careers.

Module 2: – Stages in the Business Plan

  1. Learn Digital Marketing Campaign Plan.
  2. Digital Marketing Plan Objectives.
  3. Digital Marketing Case Studies.
  4. Digital Key Elements.
  5. Define Business Objectives

Module 3: – Digital Marketing Strategy Analysis

  1. Market Competitor Analysis
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Develop a Strategy

Web Development

Module 4: – Introduction to Web Development.

  1. Types of Website.
  2. Need of Website.
  3. Domain & Hosting.
  4. Content Management System (CMS) Overview.
  5. Website Designing: Practical Session.

Module 5:- Landing Page Creation Using WordPress.

  1. Landing Page Introduction
  2. Landing Page Plugins Installation
  3. Customize Landing Page Template
  4. Contact form Creation
  5. Email Setup

Search engine Marketing (SEM)

Module 6: – How Search Engine Works

  1. Search engine marketing Overview
  2. Search Engine Working
  3. Comparison between SEO & PPC

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Module 7: – All About SEO.

  1. Search Engine Overview.
  2. Know About SERP’s.
  3. Fundamentals of SEO.
  4. Types of Ranks
  5. SEO Algorithms.
  6. Understanding why SEO Suits Your Business: Practical Session.

Module 8: – Basics of HTML.

  1. Basic Structure of HTML.
  2. Elements of HTML.
  3. HTML Website Analysis: Practical Session.

Module 9: – Keywords.

  1. Keyword Definition.
  2. Why Keyword is Important in SEO.
  3. Keyword Research Tools.
  4. Choose the Right Keywords.
  5. Keyword Research for Websites: Practical Session.

Module 10: – SEO Content Writing.

  1. SEO Content Writing.
  2. Avoid Penalties in SEO.
  3. Usage of Specific Keywords.
  4. Content Writing for SEO: Practical Session.

Module 11: – Webmaster Tool – Google Search Console.

  1. Webmaster Tools Overview.
  2. Verification of Webmaster Code.
  3. Sitemap Submission.
  4. Advance Reports.
  5. Usage of Tools: Practical Session.

Module 12: – SEO On-Page (WordPress).

  1. Basics of SEO.
  2. SEO Audit.
  3. On Site Optimization.
  4. Optimize Head Section with Meta Tags.
  5. Optimize Website Body Content.
  6. URL’s & Structuring of Website.
  7. On – Page SEO: Practical Session.

Module 13: – Off Page SEO (Link Building).

  1. Basic Fundamentals of Link Analysis.
  2. Competitor’s Backlink Analysis.
  3. Learn about DA-PA of Websites.
  4. Types of Backlinks
  5. Building High Quality Backlinks: Practical Session.

Graphics Designing

Module 14:- All About Graphic Designing.

  1. Introduction to Graphic Designing.
  2. Designing of Gif’s & Posts.
  3. Graphic Designing Types.
  4. Graphic Designing Tools – Canva.

Social Media Marketing/Optimization

Module 15: – Social Media Optimization.

  1. Overview of Social Media Optimization.
  2. Significance of Social Media in today’s Era.
  3. Use of Social Media Networks
  4. Grow Brands in Organic Way

Module 16: – Social Media Marketing.

  1. Social Media Marketing Overview.
  2. Social Media Marketing Techniques
  3. Social Media Marketing Platforms.
  4. Generate Leads/Sales through Social Media

Module 17: – Facebook Marketing Fundamentals.

  1. Setup Facebook Business Page.
  2. Optimize Facebook Pages Organically
  3. Page & Theme Customization & Posting on Facebook.
  4. Group Posting
  5. Job Posting
  6. Shop Creation
  7. How to Effectively Use Facebook to Reach Customers.
  8. Hashtags Research
  9. Facebook Posting: Practical Sessions.

Module 18: – Facebook Advertising.

  1. Overview of Facebook Advertising
  2. Boost Facebook Post
  3. Create Facebook Ad
  4. Setup Business Manager, Ad Manager, Ad Account
  5. Run Facebook ad through Ad Manager
  6. Types of Facebook Ad
  7. Campaign Creation
  8. Select Right Audience, Right Location
  9. Budget Optimization
  10. Bidding Strategies
  11. Lead ad, Brand Awareness Ad, Conversion Ad
  12. Catalogue Creation
  13. Create Store Locations

Module 19: – Remarketing Ads/Recall.

  1. Remarketing Overview.
  2. Benefits of Remarketing Ads
  3. About Cookie
  4. Facebook Pixel Setup – Online/Offline Events
  5. Create Custom Audiences
  6. Reach audiences who already know you
  7. Create Remarketing Campaign- Practical Sessions.

Module 20: – Instagram Marketing.

  1. Instagram Business Profile Creation.
  2. Profile Customization & Posting on Instagram.
  3. Optimizing Content & Hashtags Research
  4. Promote Post of Instagram
  5. Audience targeting, Budget, Location
  6. Instagram Ads Using Facebook Ad Manager: Practical Session
  7. How to Effectively Use Instagram to Reach Customers.
  8. Instagram Posting: Practical Sessions.

Module 21: – YouTube Marketing.

  1. Setup & Creation of YouTube Channel.
  2. YouTube Channel Art
  3. Optimize YouTube Channel
  4. Upload Videos
  5. Content Creation
  6. Hashtags Research
  7. Personalizing & live streaming YouTube: Practical Sessions.

Email Marketing

Module 22: – Email Marketing Overview.

  1. Email Marketing Basics.
  2. Email Marketing Strategies.
  3. Stages to Create an Effective Email Copy.
  4. How to Draft Emails: Practical Session.

Module 23: – Creating a High-Performing Email.

  1. Build Pop-up form
  2. Create High Quality Email – Practical Session.

Module 24: – Create a Perfect Email Newsletter.

  1. Email Marketing through Mailchimp
  2. Connect Website with Mailchimp: Live Exercises
  3. Send Emails: Practical Session.

Interview Process

Module 25: – Communication & Interview Skills Development.

  1. How to Create Professional Resume.
  2. Enhance Your Communication Skills.
  3. Be an Appropriate Learner of Languages.
  4. Preparation to Crack Mock Interviews.

25+ modules

48+ Hours Course Duration

Free Tools

Tools Used by top Digital Marketers Worldwide

SEO Tools

Designing & Graphic Tools (3 months accessibility)

Free Tools Worth Rs. 50,000+


Training Fee

Online Course Fee Offer

Rs. 19,999
Rs 10,999*/-

Offline Course Fee Offer

Rs 14,999*/-

Tools Covered


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