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Social media has become an integral part of modern-day life in recent years. Social media is essential for entertainment, controversy, and mass communication.

Social Media is the best platform when it comes to sharing content and controversies. The impact it has on a high-profile candidate or a common man in terms of spreading information and making it viral is immense.

Some people think social media is about sharing photos, getting likes, chatting and funny GIFs. It’s also a great place to reach your audience and prospects with more than 3.8 billion users.

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, social media platforms have been widely used around the globe to share stories, updates, and live coverage.

Only those who use social media properly can reap the benefits of it. A small mistake can make all the difference in business. However, how your customers perceive your brand will have a huge impact on your brand’s success. Social Media is all about quality and size. A post that has an incorrectly sized image can look unprofessional and damage your brand’s reputation.

Social Media Image Sizes for 2021

These are the minimum requirements for high-quality images, depending on the platform.

Sizes of Facebook Images

Size of Facebook Profile Pictures

Your Facebook profile picture should be at least 180×180 pixels in size and round in shape.

Size of the Facebook Cover Photo

Facebook covers should not be smaller than 820×312 pixels. As you have plenty of space, you can be as creative as possible with your cover picture.

Size of Facebook Posts

Your profile, cover and I prefer posts should have a high quality and professional design. This is where your followers will interact with you and leave comments.

Photos of sizes greater than 1200×630 pixels are required to maintain the quality and integrity of your posts.

Instagram Image Sizes

Instagram is all about creativity. Make sure to post high-quality photos so you can get likes and followers quickly.

Photo of Instagram Profile

For high quality, Instagram profile pictures should be larger than 110×110 pixels. Instagram profile pictures can also be rounded, just like Facebook.

One drawback to Instagram is that if you click on a profile photo, the image won’t expand so make sure you have the right size.

Instagram Sizes Posts

Instagram’s post size is 1080*1080 pixels Once you upload your photo, it will be reduced to 612*612 pixels.

Instagram followers can view them as thumbnails 161*161 pixels on your profile.

Instagram Stories

Did you know that people are more interested in your stories than your posts? While most people don’t see Instagram stories for more than 24 hours, they do not tend to ignore them. Stories with high-quality photos can attract more attention.

It is a good rule to keep your resolution at 600*1067 pixels. 1080×1920 is a great size for shooting.

To learn more about social media, join NADM digital Achievers program.

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