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In regards to social media advertising, video is among the very useful and beneficial content formats. 79 percent of online traffic comes from videos from the end of 20-2021. Along with the achievement of Instagram Stories is a good illustration of simple video generation & production becoming popular.

The short-form video is actually good, not least through TikTok and Instagram’s very own reels (found in 2020). So, are people interested in long-form videos too?

Much like YouTube, longer-form videos are IGTV’s specialization. However, what makes IGTV really fascinating? Continue reading for a summary of the IGTV attributes, a guide about the best way best to begin and run your IGTV accounts, and a few best practice strategies for this hot Instagram function.

What is IGTV?

IGTV is a program that could be used by itself or in tandem with Instagram. It is basically Instagram’s response to YouTube as it’s created for the mobile-optimized viewing of long-form videos.

Any user may set their own Instagram account and discuss video content that is up to an hour-long. The brand or user may choose whether they wish to make channel-specific content, or if they’re thinking about linking it to videos they are already posted on Instagram.

Tips and Best Practices for IGTV

The same as any other social media strategy you will always be sure to create videos for the different demographic you are marketing to. To this end, you are going to wish a grasp on what you are doing on Instagram and in which it is best serving you.

Once you post, you might even share your IGTV videos via your other social media channels, and, above all, in your routine Instagram channel. Bear in mind that, just like every other cross-posting strategy, you need to be super clear that you’re posting on IGTV and for your own followers to find you there. You will also need to keep regularity in terms of branding, visuals and submitting schedule.

Ensure that your videos are 15 minutes or longer, but no more than 10 minutes. Another choice is to make a video show and then split it up into smaller components. The First 1 min is used for grabbing the attention of viewers with some catchy clips & then Start your main video.

At the introduction, be certain that you’re not blaring songs or being loudly yourself since it could turn people away, particularly if they’re seeing in a public place or using earphones. Do not neglect to use clickable hyperlinks in the descriptions, which can be very similar to YouTube and can be very helpful for driving visitors to your landing page or any portion of your site you want to feature. 

  • Hashtags

If you already understand how to use hashtags on Instagram, then you’re going to understand how to use them for IGTV. Be strategic, utilize just a few related ones, and set them in the video description to get greater SEO results also.

  • Metrics

Do not forget to check your own IGTV insights frequently, to find a very clear image that your videos are doing well and also to realign them with your key business objectives. Bear in mind this is a relatively new platform, so in the event that you see lower amounts of traffic than you think, you might choose to give it some time.

  • Test It Out

IGTV is likely a worthwhile platform to test out if you have a large video to post and have a large following on Instagram.

Bear in mind that Instagram Stories are just temporary, while using IGTV it is possible to create content that sticks around. Therefore, it really depends upon the type of worth your brand is becoming from a short versus extended video.

Longer videos imply more involvement times, and this also means more possibility for copying your brand into somebody’s memory. In addition, you have a great deal of space on IGTV for educational and creative video creation and sharing, which might give your brand a completely different level of significance to a specific subset of consumers – that, in turn, will enhance your new consciousness, exponentially.

If Anyone wants to learn more about social media marketing, then NADM(National Academy Of Digital Marketing) is the best institute where you will learn each & every concept of social media from basic to advance level. 

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